Innerstand Series

For more than 10 years, Joe Buffa has been teaching and training others to dive deeper into themselves using techniques from Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and more! His mission has been to bring an increased awareness of self and internal energy to all his clients and now he’s bringing you along for the ride. Join Joe in Innerstand Series through a journey of healing and self discovery as he shares his tools, practices and modalities for a complete transformation inside and out! New episodes added frequently.


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The Medicine Man’s Mirror with Yawasoe – An intimate interview-style series created by Colin A Carew where he shares a connection with his guests and viewers to explore a variety of ways we can use our medicine, that inner spark and creativity that inspires people and evokes a sense of community, healing, and growth in us all. Yawasoe explores topics to help demystify spiritual concepts and to solidify the idea that our higher self is mirroring its presence in our every step. He and his guests share practical, authentic ways we reflect, or mirror one another because we are all connected. 

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