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Single and looking for love or coupled up and wanting more from your relationships? Transform your relationships with Human Connection Specialist Mark Groves' Love and Connection Tips.

Want to learn how to eat clean while improving your hormonal balance, libido, stress relief, and more? Join Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Sita Huber as she demonstrates simple restorative recipes in the cooking show, Eat in Love!

This is a series of bite-size videos so you can learn on the go!

Want to learn the secrets of body language, flirting and attraction? Join Relationship and Body Language Expert Katia Loisel in this step-by-step guide that will help you tap into your inner body language expert, master the body language of attraction and know what they're thinking but not saying.

Discover the truth about pheromones, attraction and the biology of attraction as Geneticist Dr. Brittany Barreto shares the secrets of the science of love and attraction.

This is a bite-size series of short videos so you can learn on the go! Never let an opportunity pass you by with these powerful ways to communicate with someone special. Learn how to use your body language effectively, from the inside out! Flirt with confidence and talk with ease and confidence using the latest techniques. In this course with Relationship Therapist Danni Crews you will learn how to feel confident entering that room because you are a communication nija!

Showing all 5 results