About Us

Welcome to Mystic Circle TV!

Mystic Circle TV is a non-profit TV Network under Mystc Temple Inc. as a part of its Global Awakening Initiative, free for all globally. We provide a home for you to discover, experience and elevate yourself to the highest vibrations. Here, you will find nothing but positive, entertaining, educational and inspirational content that is sure to have you engaged! Available in 62 countries, we are creating an international revolution!

Founded in March 2021 by, Monica Bey, Mystic Circle TV has embarked on a transformative journey, evolving into a pivotal cornerstone of the Mystic Temple’s Global Awakening Initiative. As an International Spiritual Leader and Metaphysical Healer, Monica Bey, known as The Divine Mother, brings to the network a wealth of spiritual gifts and business savvy, which have guided the channel’s vision and direction from its inception.
The call to create Mystic Circle TV was received by Monica during a meditation in early 2020, a divine directive that marked the beginning of an extraordinary venture. Acting upon this spiritual guidance, Mystic Circle TV rapidly transitioned from concept to reality, driven by Monica’s unwavering commitment to fostering spiritual growth and enlightenment. The success that followed is a testament to the power of the Universe’s backing and the collective yearning for a space dedicated to true personal and communal elevation.
Today, Mystic Circle TV stands as a non-profit TV network under the auspices of Mystic Temple Inc., offering its content free to the public as part of the Global Awakening Initiative. This transition marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide a positive, enriching space for all those in pursuit of growth across all facets of life. Born from a vision of positivity and relentless progress, Mystic Circle TV continues to thrive, propelled by the same forward-moving vibration that inspired Monica Bey to bring this dream to life.
As we continue on this journey, Mystic Circle TV remains committed to being a beacon of light and source of inspiration for individuals worldwide, embodying the essence of spiritual awakening and global unity that Mystic Temple champions.