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Founded by the esteemed spiritual leader and visionary, The Divine Mother, Monica Bey, Mystic Temple emerges as a beacon of light in times of transformation. It embodies a sanctuary for those seeking enlightenment, healing, and a deeper connection with the universal energies that guide our existence. Through teachings from the sacred, channeled text, The Book of Rasheeda along with community, and shared spiritual practices, Mystic Temple aims to foster a global awakening, bringing about a new era of peace, truth empowerment and unity.

Have you ever felt like you just don't belong here on planet earth? Like fitting in is impossible, and the thought of subscribing to one way of living gives you anxiety? Well welcome home cousins! Rogue Spirit is for all of the rebels, star-seeds, indigo children, weirdos and mystics who are dedicated to living life on their own terms and figuring it out as they go! Join host Ebony Simone every Friday while she unpacks her own experiences, challenges and perspectives on spirituality, relationships, health, beauty and everything in between with a hint of humor to sweeten the medicine and make it all digestible.

Short Series: To the Root is a hands on show with The High Vibe Healer that takes the fear out of rootwork with the intention of educating & empowering the viewer to utilize rootwork to improve & enhance their everyday lives.

Divine Expressions is a TV show hosted by Shaman Rah, which aims to help viewers find and exemplify 12 divine expressions or qualities of God within themselves. The purpose of the show is to activate the innate qualities within us and unlock our true and highest potential, leading to a peaceful life and inner awakening. Each episode focuses on one divine expression, with a definition, examples, personal experiences, and a KAV technique to make the expression a reality. The show offers active and experiential learning, with short, guided meditations aligning the consciousness to the divine expression. By learning these expressions, viewers can expect positive changes in their mindset, thoughts, actions, and reality.

Single and looking for love or coupled up and wanting more from your relationships? Transform your relationships with Human Connection Specialist Mark Groves' Love and Connection Tips.

Want to learn how to eat clean while improving your hormonal balance, libido, stress relief, and more? Join Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Sita Huber as she demonstrates simple restorative recipes in the cooking show, Eat in Love!

This is a series of bite-size videos so you can learn on the go!

Want to learn the secrets of body language, flirting and attraction? Join Relationship and Body Language Expert Katia Loisel in this step-by-step guide that will help you tap into your inner body language expert, master the body language of attraction and know what they're thinking but not saying.

Discover the truth about pheromones, attraction and the biology of attraction as Geneticist Dr. Brittany Barreto shares the secrets of the science of love and attraction.

This is a bite-size series of short videos so you can learn on the go! Never let an opportunity pass you by with these powerful ways to communicate with someone special. Learn how to use your body language effectively, from the inside out! Flirt with confidence and talk with ease and confidence using the latest techniques. In this course with Relationship Therapist Danni Crews you will learn how to feel confident entering that room because you are a communication nija!


Manifestation and cooking had a baby! Pestle and Mortar is a new, groundbreaking show where Host, Jalisa Smith, takes viewers through the exciting process of cooking with intention to manifest their desires! Why just cook normal food when you can make magical dishes that work for you to help you manifest the life you want to live?!


A ground-breaking journey across India, Tibet and China, to explore traditional medicine and natural ways of healing. With health care costs soaring in the west, looking eastward to alternative medicine may provide the only answer. In this comprehensive look into traditional eastern medicine, we connect all three countries through the core philosophy of the Five Elements, Yin and Yang and the common belief that a life-force called Chi or Prana exists that is vital to sustain a healthy life. Now is the time for you to take the first steps that will lead to better health – A Natural Way.


A film by Jon Braeley. If you had the chance to meet some of the world’s most enlightened yoga masters, what would you want to know? What would you ask them? The Yoga Gurus is your chance to hear from them! Filmed on location in India from the lap of the Himalayas in Rishikesh to the south in Mysore, you will meet the top yoga teachers from both east and west. Their words will guide you to become a better person and healthier in both mind and body. Take your yoga practice to a higher level and enrich your life forever. We know this film will change your life!

Everyone has problems and issues in life. But for some, they can be destructive and debilitating, and they don’t know where to turn. In this series Doc Mel guides both guests and viewers on a journey to unravel their entangled situations. This talk show pours light, love and laughter into people, giving them freedom and strength to thrive.

Sounds That Heal is a Mystic Circle TV Original production hosted by Energy Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Monica Bey. Consisting of powerful meditation sessions using crystal singing bowls, Monica brings a whole new vision to sound baths. You will be bathed in frequencies and vibrations that heal and uplift your soul to help you manifest a heightened spiritual power while teaching you to overcome mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, self empowerment and much more! Get ready to get your ultimate power boost and elevate yourself to your highest potential!

Mystic Shit You Gotta Have is your trusted source for the advice and tools you need to live a happy and spiritual life. Hosted by Monica Bey and Carla Cheung, each episode introduces high quality and amazing products and services that will help take you to the next level! Get ready laugh, learn and grow with Mystic Sh*t You Gotta Have!

Produced by: Monica Bey & Ric Mathis
Production: Bey-Clarke Media Group LLC & Mathis Multimedia Productions LLC
Hosts: Monica Bey & Carla Cheung
Production Manager: Coral Hopkins
Editor: Coral Hopkins
Casting Director: Kwanza Dixon


For more than 10 years, Joe Buffa has been teaching and training others to dive deeper into themselves using techniques from Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and more! His mission has been to bring an increased awareness of self and internal energy to all his clients and now he’s bringing you along for the ride. Join Joe in this 4 episode special series through a journey of healing and self discovery as he shares his tools, practices and modalities for a complete transformation inside and out!



Confession Box gives people an opportunity to cleanse, confess, and connect with those who might be watching and to others who may need an encouraging story! Confession is a gift of healing and a way to peek into the souls of everyday people. These stories will make you cry, laugh, cheer and pray all at the same time. Confession Box is waiting to tell those stories.

Created by: Diana Campbell


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