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Sounds That Heal is a Mystic Circle TV Original production hosted by Energy Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Monica Bey. Consisting of powerful meditation sessions using crystal singing bowls, Monica brings a whole new vision to sound baths. You will be bathed in frequencies and vibrations that heal and uplift your soul to help you manifest a heightened spiritual power while teaching you to overcome mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, self empowerment and much more! Get ready to get your ultimate power boost and elevate yourself to your highest potential!

Mystic Shit You Gotta Have is your trusted source for the advice and tools you need to live a happy and spiritual life. Hosted by Monica Bey and Carla Cheung, each episode introduces high quality and amazing products and services that will help take you to the next level! Get ready laugh, learn and grow with Mystic Sh*t You Gotta Have!

Produced by: Monica Bey & Ric Mathis
Production: Bey-Clarke Media Group LLC & Mathis Multimedia Productions LLC
Hosts: Monica Bey & Carla Cheung
Production Manager: Coral Hopkins
Editor: Coral Hopkins
Casting Director: Kwanza Dixon


Confession Box gives people an opportunity to cleanse, confess, and connect with those who might be watching and to others who may need an encouraging story! Confession is a gift of healing and a way to peek into the souls of everyday people. These stories will make you cry, laugh, cheer and pray all at the same time. Confession Box is waiting to tell those stories.

Created by: Diana Campbell


Showing all 3 results