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Each of our physical bodies is a container that surrounds our inner light. Our outer shell if you will, is a culmination of everything that has happened to us in our present and past lives. We carry that story as our physical being. Our inner light is not visible, it can’t be seen or touched, it can only be experienced. The inner light is permanent while the outer physical is ever changing.

Each one of us has an inner light, humans, animals we all have it. It’s the consciousness that connects us all in the universe. The more time we spend experiencing our inner light the more kind and compassionate we become. The more we meditate the more we experience our inner light and bring it with us into the physical world. It’s like building a muscle, your kindness and compassion muscle.

Mediation doesn’t have to be sitting in silence or chanting for an hour, although that works great for some. You can meditate in any way that works for you. Here are a few unexpected ways you can meditate, try a few and let me know how it goes. Remember no need for it to be a marathon if you’re not there yet, 5 minutes is a great place to start and build from there.

Standing Mediation: Stand in a comfortable position, with your feet forward, about shoulder width apart. Take a few deep breaths and do a quick body scan, releasing tension and bringing awareness to every part of the body.

Walking Meditation:  Take a walk around your neighborhood or local park. While you walk slowly and continuously take deep breaths, stay aware of your body and mind, while experiencing each movement of the body.

Dance Meditation: Yes, you can boogie down and meditate at the same time! Play your favorite tunes fast or slow doesn’t matter, whatever you connect to. The important thing is to let go of the ego and surrender to the rhythms and bliss of your movements.

Hand Movement Meditation: This is as simple as focusing on moving the hands slowly and mindfully.

Gazing Meditation: This encourages you to focus inward by staring at a fixed object while sitting or standing. You can use a photo or a candle.

Practicing Daily Life Meditation: Simply slow down daily activities to half-speed and be mindful of your thoughts and actions while washing the dishes, taking a shower, gardening.

Remember no matter what type of meditation you choose use your breath to guide the movement. And use the movement to bring your mind into the present.


by: Anna McCague 200 CYT, Life Coach, Artist

Contributor: Harnessing Your Divine Feminine

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