Mercury Retrograde Exposed

The planet Mercury goes retrograde (looks like it spins backwards) 3 times a year bringing with it a lot of chaotic energy and experiences.

Mercury retrograde is often blamed for many different things going wrong during the time that the planet Mercury is in its retrograde phase. In actuality, while yes some things do go wrong during Mercury retrograde, it is actually a chance to redo, revisit, and basically reevaluate what is been going on in your life. This is a time when people from the past can pop back up to say hello or to give you a chance to re-evaluate how things ended and why you don’t have them in your life anymore.


There can be a lot of stress and anxiety around Mercury retrograde. There definitely can be electronic malfunctions and communication issues during this period. Here are some ways that you can survive Mercury retrograde and come out the other side feeling better instead of feeling like you’ve just been through the grinder. Take time to meditate. Slow down a little. Be aware of what’s going on around you. Be mindful.

Self-care is incredibly important. Whatever that means for you do it. If that means spending more time alone do it. If that means going and seeing healer to have more balance in your energy then do it. Do what feels best for you. Plan on getting more rest. Don’t over schedule yourself. Give yourself extra time to get anywhere. Delays and distraction is very common.

Ground like you have never grounded before. Ground from your root chakra which is between your legs. Grounding should be as wide as your hips or wider and drive the grounding roots to the center of the Earth to anchor yourself. If you have a hard time grounding go outside barefoot or sit in the grass for 5 to 20 minutes. Eat clean and drink a lot of water. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. I do not count CBD in this as is it is incredibly beneficial to the brain and body. I also do not count medicinal marijuana use. Typically with medicinal use the intent is not to get high and escaped, but to have less pain. The point of avoiding substances that allow us to escape is so that we are present in the moment and aware of what is going on around us.

Clear your energy every single day. Salt baths are incredibly useful for this as well as being very relaxing. A half a cup of sea salt and a pound of Epsom salt will do wonders for your body. Do what you can to raise your vibration. Sing, dance, laugh, do things that bring you Joy. Listen to frequency music, especially the 432 Hertz frequency.

Stay away from people who drain your energy and you know are incredibly negative in their thinking and behavior. Having a hard time? Schedule a session with me. Contact my assistant Chris at 404-939-1137 or go on my website

By Glenda Emory


Contributor: Harnessing Your Divine Feminine

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